Terms and Conditions

1. Information about us

Supplier: Saknarybypytelnaraky, s.r.o.,  Únice, Hubenov 24, 38601, Czech Republic. Supplier is registered in Registrar of Companies by the Regional Court of Law in Ceske Budejovice (section C, appendix 17711). The supplier is not  VAT registered company. IČ: 28109660, DIČ: CZ28109660 (in following text referred to as "supplier")

We do our best to answer all emails in 12 hours time; however it might take up to 3 days in peak trading times.

Our Account number for payment transfers: 

43-5438810297/0100, bank: Komerční banka a.s. IBAN #: CZ8501000000435438810297

">2. How to order our merchandise

Customer is instructed to fill in order form with desired merchandise and sent it through to us. Sent order form serves as sales contract. Based on this sales contract we further action product reservation. The total selling price for ordered merchandise – including applicable fees- is automatically calculated when finalizing the order form  and is to be confirmed by customer. 

How to cancel an order: 

Orders that has been sent to supplier can be canceled only after  agreement between supplier and customer, based on mutually negotiated terms.  Customer needs to contact supplier to negotiate order cancelation. 

">3. Shipment of merchandise 

Delivery times: 

We strive to deliver merchandise  promptly based on its current availability. Merchandise is shipped by post. In most cases our deliveries are expedited in 1-5 days after payment receipt.  The merchandise is shipped to the delivery address specified by customer on order form.  

Payment terms: 

The merchandise can be paid for via Pay Pal service only. The delivery of merchandise always contains receipt (suitable as tax receipt) and product instalation  instructions. The assembly or installation of  the product are not part of the purchased merchandise.   

After you receive your delivery: 

We recommend that you check the merchandise straight after it is delivered to you. In case of damage on product packaging, please make sure to write down details and get a written record about the damage signed and  confirmed by the post office clerk. May such circumstance happen, we will grant you appropriate discount on merchandise received, the discount will be assessed to offset the damage. In such case customer has the right to annul the sales contract. Please note that by signing the receipt form to the post office clerk, customer confirms that merchandise arrived in good condition with no visible damage. Make sure to carefully check the merchandise before signing the receipt. 

Communication between the customer and the supplier: 

Further communication is carried out via email, unless otherwise mutually agreed. 

4. Returns policy

All faulty merchandise returned to us within 30 days from date of receipt will be exchanged. In case the product is not available in warehouse, it will be made for you in timely manner. We cannot accept return of merchandise that is damaged by customer or caused by incorrect product handling. 

Warranty period and warranty card 

The warranty period begins when customer accepts the merchandise after delivery. The tax receipt is valid as warranty card. The warranty does not cover any damage incurred by daily use of merchandise. In such case the shortened product life is not viewed as a product fault, and cannot be claimed. The warranty period described on our website is applicable to private customers and not to entrepreneurs that further trade our merchandise as a part of their business. 


If a damage or fault is identified on product within 30 days  from receipt, and this damage has not been  incurred by its misuse of product, the merchandise can be returned to supplier. 

How to claim and return merchandise  

If you wish to claim merchandise purchased on www.vajco.cz, we recommend that you send us an official claim via email to: info@vajco.cz, make sure that you add number from your order confirmation  and description of fault/ damage. You will receive the order confirmation number from us via email , once you send us the order form.  You will receive further claim instructions from us along with official claim form within 2 business days. We cannot process any claim without receiving back the official claim form properly filled.  Any packages we receive  without this documentation will be immediately returned to sender’s address. If you plan to return any merchandise to us, please ensure to secure appropriate packaging. If merchandise gets damaged during shipment, we will not take responsibility for such damage, and claim will not be granted. If a claim is warranted, the customer is entitled for delivery charge reimbursement (we will reimburse the shipping amount that equals economy shipment from your country. Please ensure that while returning merchandise to us, you will use economy shipment rates- we will not reimburse any higher shipment costs. Please keep receipt for your record). If a claim is unwarranted, the customer is not entitled to reimbursement of any delivery charge incurred when shipping product back to supplier. 

How are claims processed?  

The supplier will assess each claim and will inform the customer via phone or email about the outcome.If the claim is warranted the supplier will exchange merchandise or reimburse merchandise cost. If the claim is unwarranted the supplier will ship merchandise back , but the customer has to fund the shipping charge.    Based on the Czech Law # 634/1992 Sb. we can take up to 30 days to assess every claim.

5. Cancelation of sales contract

Every customer is entitled to cancel the sales contract if the supplier does not comply with the delivery terms. Every customer that is not purchasing the goods for further trading, has the right to cancel the the sales contract within 14 days of rceipt of merchandise  (based on the Czech Law § 53, article 7 and § 54 of the Civil Code). If the customer and retailer agree on sales contract cancelation, both parties are obliged to reimburse incurred costs. If the cancelation was agreed after payment receipt, retailer is obliged to reimburse the payment amount. The customer can cancel the sales contract by notifying the supplier vie email: info@vajco.cz or in writing at the suppliers office. We recommend that the customer sates in the cancelation: the Order number, date of purchase and proof of purchase.  Any packages we receive that are not clearly marked, and cannot assess properly will be returned to sender. If a customer has already received the merchandise and wishes to cancel sales contract and return the merchandise, it is necessary to send merchandise back to supplier, where supplier will assess the state of the returned product. To receive full reimbursement, the merchandise needs to be returned in its original condition, without any damage, and complete (including its accessories, all other documentation supplied and original product packaging). If the merchandise is returned to supplier in other then in its original condition, the customer is asked to cover the accrued loss on merchandise. In such case the supplier lowers the original selling price that is to be returned to customer by a determined value that offsets the accrued loss.  If the customer complies with all above points from Returns Policy, the supplier is then to return the selling price ( or its lowered equivalent) back to customer  with 30 days from return of merchandise to supplier. The supplier transfers the amount to customers account , after the customer signs a credit note. 

6. Privacy Policy

The supplier collects the following customer information with customer’s consent: Name, Address, Phone number, email address. This data is used to facilitate customer orders and to make future ordering easier for customers. We do not pass customers private details to any other party. To unsubscribe from our mailing list, or if you wish that your customer data is deleted from our archive database  please email to our address info(at)vajco.cz.

7. General conclusion

The above Terms and Conditions are valid for all Sales contract agreed between supplier and customer. We may revise these Rules at any time. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you. New Terms and Conditions will be posted on our website www.vajco.cz at least one month prior to its effective date. 

Shipping type across the Czech Republic

You can choose between three shipping providers:

1)   Česká pošta, a.s. Merchandize will be dispached as „to your hands“. Shipping and packing costs are 109,- Kč, cash on delivery additional 39,- Kč. The package is usually delivered the next day after expedition. Česká pošta will inform you on delivery status when you leave them your cell number.

2)   DPD messenger. Shipping and packing costs are 200,- Kč, cash on delivery additional 39,- Kč. You can pay with debit card after upon delivery. . Merchandize will be delivered within the next 24 hours after expedition.

3)   Prague messenger. Shipping and packing costs are 80,- Kč, we can not ship as cash on delivery. Merchandize will be delivered within the next 24 hours after expedition. (Only for Prague ZIP codes).

Shipping type to Slovak Republic

To Slovak Republic we only ship with Česká pošta a.s. The shipping and packing costs are 149,- plus the basic shipping to Slovak Republik.


International Shipping

We ship with Česká pošta a.s (Czech Post) and their international shipping rates. The shipping costs will be displayed when you fill your destination. Vajco will ship to: Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. We only accept Paypal as a international payment option. 

  • co? vajco! Interior studio Vajco offers a large scale of original designs. It is deeply clear and life proven that wallpaper from us will double up your life happiness. Self-sticking decoration from vajco is made of fantasy, dreams and black inorganic compound. Besides wallpapers we also offer entire line of other  interior  accessories. So get yourself comfy in couch with good cup of coffee and get ready. Vajco is waiting for you with love like from your grandmother!
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  • Fototapety na vajco.cz If you google “photo wallpapers” you are likely to find something completely different from what we offer as photo wallpapers. Wonder why? Same as with our other products, we offer added value in this case and that is our own design.  We will never do what others do – buy a stock palm-tree photo and print it in the desired size. We spoil our wallpapers! All of them are out-and-out perfect to the last pixel, three times adjusted there and back again before we let them see the light of the day. And that’s why you like them, right?
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  • How to apply sticker on your laptop If you are not the owner of 120 cm display you can do this for sure. The best thing on notebook sticker is that it can be transfered from Darth Vader to Snow –white in seconds.
      1)   Clean the desired spot where you will be applying your sticker. The best way to do this is to spill a full bucket of water all over it. Add some bubbles for the best result. 2)   Place your sticker on smooth surface and get rid of the air bubbles with a piece of cloth. Lay the sticker down with paper facing up and take it off.  Now you are holding a motive only with a transfer foil. 3)   Stick the motive to your laptop and go over with a piece of cloth get rid of the air bubbles. Take off the transfer foil. 4)   Once more go over with a soft cloth and make sure that your sticker is sticked everywhere correctly. 
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  • How to stick wallpaper Recommended materials for our wall decoration:  ·     windows, mirrors, doors ·     wood furniture, kitchen tops with smooth surface. 1) Always properly clean the surface you will be working with and get rid of grease. Get walls cleaned from dust and dirt. Get furniture and refrigerators wiped with dish soap and get rid of any glue marks. Dry the surface properly with a petrol cleaner or nail stripper. Each surface requires individual approach. If you are not sure with quality of surface you are working with try it out first on some less visible spot (behind the closet). Before you start sticking you can place wallpaper on the wall and make rough marks that you will rubber off later.   2) Lay the wallpaper facing protective paper down on even surface (table or floor). With a soft cloth go over the entire motive so the wallpaper snaps perfectly to the transfer foil (transer foil could partly unstick from the wallpaper during transport). 3) After smoothing up the wallpaper in step 2, slowly split the wallpaper with transfer foil from protective paper.  In case some of the motive is not sticked to the transfer foil properly, manually press motive down so that any part of wallpaper does not stay on the protective paper. 4) After removing protective paper place the wallpaper to desired spot (if you are not sure or your wallpaper is larger than 1 meter we recommend to do this step with help of another person, this way avoid sticking the wallpaper together). Go over the wallpaper with a soft cloth again so the wallpaper will adhese to surface and also clear off air bubbles. Now you can take off the transfer foil carefully. The transfer foil has lower stickiness than the motive so the wallpaper should stay on the wall. 5) Go over with a soft cloth again and make sure that complete wallpaper is nicely sticked to the wall/furniture. 6) Masterpiece is done, stay green and sort your paper garbage.
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  • Vajco workshops When it comes to designing wallsticker decoration, car stickers or notebook skin the best environment to be creative is definitely circle of your friends. And especially surrounded by a full keg of beer, grilling pig and a ring of fire. Yes darlings, it is HERE!. After last very successful trip when our (that time very small number of people) team got off to wild Liberec mountains cottage only with a drawing pen, sketch book and “incorrupted child look” we decided to make a tradition of this event. We are now choosing the best date for the next annual Vajco event. It will probably happen some sunny May weekend and probably take place at the same village “Nadeje” as last time. We are inviting all of the current Vajco desingners as well as the ones who are just getting into the wallsticker design. We will inform on this event here on our website as well as our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/vajco.cz !
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  • Our wallpaper designers We are happy that our (currently 15-manned) group of designers grew again. Every wall-sticker is like our caressed child, so we don’t let just anyone make them. The last additions to our hatchery are Pepa Prokop, student of animation and Saša Hetmerová, who have added their typical esthetics to our wall-sticker and wallpaper range. By the way – can you tell which one of them is an avid sailor and which one likes to play with figures, bears and rabbits? In our team, your sex, orientation or religion does not matter (even though we would probably check a Universe People devotee), and neither does your bust size, degree in rocket engineering, Miss Czech qualification, Best New Artist prize, knowledge of the Red Dwarf series (although, this will help a bit) or your inclination towards the supercurly. The only thing we care about is creating a wide range of motifs for our collection of wall-stickers, car-stickers, laptop-stickers... and we think that that works, man! We are happy to hear about new talents that might be an addition to our team from our customers or visitors of this website!
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  • Frequency of new designs We would like to advise our customers that we are adding every week one new design on an average bases. You will find word average here only once and that is in the last sentence. We don’t like this word and we promise we will never use it again. The presentation of new patterns is more likely in waves but the average number is correct. 
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  • Something of the wallpaper history ... The first recorded mention of a wallpaper comes from the time of the French king Louis XI. In 1418, he asked an artist, Jean Bourdichon to paint fifty rolls of paper, which he intended to install in his residence. The requested motif were angels on blue background. Hand-painted wallpapers were soon ordered by other wealthy Europeans but the wallpaper, as we know it, was born in 1675. Jean Papillion, a famous French engraver, was the first to start using print blocks for continuous repetitive patterns. Another important wallpaper creator, Jean Baptiste Réveillon (1725-1811) was originally a haberdashery tradesman and paper-maker. In 1753, he started importing large amounts of wallpapers from England. The French bourgeoisie soon bought them all. He then used the dowry of his wife to make his own rolls of velvet paper covered in bright colour-prints. In 1765, already as a very wealthy gentleman, he bought a residence with a park and theatre, to move his wallpaper factory to the ground floor and use the top floor for living. One of his best known wallpapers, papier bleu d’Angleterre, was even used for Marie Antoinette’s chambers. In 1783, Réveillon’s factory was granted the right to use the name of a Royal Manufacture. The ownership of the paper-mill and his know-how helped Réveillon to encounter Etienne de Montgolfier, for whom he created the “wallpaper cover” for his hot-air balloon taking off from Versailles. After the French revolution, Réveillon emigrated to England, let his manufacture to Jacquemart & Bénard company, which continued making wallpapers until 1840.
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  • Hammers, nails, levels ... If you are not friend of drilling machines, hammers, nails, step ladders, levels, rubbers, plaster kits for ugly holes in wall, glues and other stuff than your are on the right address! Our decoration is self-adhesive! It does’t mean that it will jump of the box and stick to your wall by itself but you’re close! You only have to split the wallpaper from the base paper and stick it, that’s it! If you get bored with our decoration (in very non likely case) you can just easily tear it off and your wall will remain undamaged. So what are you still waiting for?
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